Khalid Works With Upcoming Duo noclue?

Khalid recently released a remixed version of “Better.” Khalid released the original song earlier this year in October in his Suncity album.

Khalid teamed up with noclue?, a duo composed of Jake Generali and Owen Barclay. They started off producing during their college years. Producing several projects and putting out a number of remixes throughout the year.

The song originally has a slow ballad and R&B sound. Mixing together smooth low vocals, with prominent bass. The song has you swaying side to side every second.

This new version is sped up. having a more dance sound to get you up and moving on your feet. For those who are into EDM, I would say this would be up your alley. This remix of the song definitely has a few drops with some mystical sounding aspects to accompany it adding to the intensity of the bass.

Noclue? has shown great potential with this remix. So far, they had a pretty good 2018 with releasing some of their other work and this hit with Khalid. Hopefully, 2019 brings amazing projects for both noclue? And Khalid.

Check out some other remixes that noclue? has done!


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