Lana Del Rey Releases First Single From New Album

There is nothing like a Lana Del Rey track to get you feeling some type of way. Del Rey’s newest release, which will be on her upcoming album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, is quite the mouthful, but packs the powerful punch as expected.

Released on January 9, “hope is a dangerous for a woman like me to have – but I have it,” is full of lyrics describing not fitting into the mold of other celebrity women. While her vocals are accompanied by a soothing piano, the song is very powerful, elegant, and beautiful.

I personally blasted the song on repeat for a few hours when I first heard it. The track was released unfinished in 2018 as Sylvia Plath, who is mentioned throughout the song. There is no release date for the new album, but it will be coming out sometime later in 2019.

Check the song out here:

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