Zeds Dead and Delta Heavy Drop Drum n’ Bass Filled Track, “Lift You Up”

“…this is a song about the human spirit and it’s amazing ability to triumph over adversity.”  – Zeds Dead

Electronic duo Zeds Dead released another killer new song with Delta Heavy. Together they created “Lift You Up,” one of 2019’s first EDM pump up songs. “Lift You Up” was released via Ram Records and Deadbeats.


Zeds Dead borrowed their name from one of Bruce Willis’s grizzly lines in Quentin Tarrantino’s classic film, Pulp Fiction. The Toronto-based duo started off as Mass Production in 2004, changing names in 2009. Zeds Dead’s debut single, “Journey of a Lifetime” was one of many songs the young band released for free. Since then, a steady supply of successful remixes and originals have earned the duo a loyal following.

To make “Lift You Up,” Zeds Dead joined forces with Delta Heavy, a hard-hitting pair from across the pond. After gaining some recognition for their 2012 single “Get By,” Delta Heavy released their debut LP Paradise Lost, in 2016.

Delta Heavy have been part of the Zeds Dead fan club for some time, so it’s no surprise that they jumped at the chance to work with the two veteran producers.

“The record came together pretty quickly, the essence of it being this catchy little vocal sample and the uplifting synth riff.  We’re really pleased with how it’s turned out and the reaction to it when we all play it live has been incredible, there’s a real buzz around it online.” – Delta Heavy

Some of that “online buzz” can be found on Zeds Dead’s official Twitter account, where fans have been sharing their love for the new single since its release.

“Lift You Up”

“Lift You Up” is a heavy drum and bass track that somehow leaves you feeling light as a feather. The song’s cover artwork depicts a comic book-inspired rocket ship blasting off into the stratosphere. The image pairs nicely with the song’s high-power, don’t-look-back feeling.

This track is mostly instrumental, except for the simple mantra, “It’s gonna lift you up.” As the song starts, synths and a steady hi-hat wrap around your ears and pull you in. As those synths get higher and louder, you feel that something epic is about to erupt. Sure enough, the vocal fades into the background just as you’re buffeted with a blitz of bass and snare.

When the chorus hits for the second time, it’s even deeper and more aggressive, heightening the energy nicely.

When “Lift You Up” finally sets you back down, it feels more like a rude drop than a gentle conclusion. This could be because the song had been previously unreleased, only being heard at live Zeds Dead shows. At just over four minutes, the power-house collaboration follows a satisfying ebb and flow pattern that makes it worthy of the repeat button.

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