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Recently through Instagram, I came across a new artist that’s signed to Atlantic Records, and her name is Ayanis.Ayanis signed to Atlantic in 2017, and to celebrate such a monumental moment in her career, she announced that her EP, Direction, would be released November 16, 2018.

I happen to come across her mid-December, I believe, through Mack Wilds’ (acting name is Tristan Wilds) Instagram, because he appeared in her “Wait A Minute” video as her love interest.

After listening to Direction, I understood why Atlantic signed Ayanis. Ayanis can sing, the music she makes is super relatable, and she has an enticing presence. Ayanis’ look is reminiscent of Aaliyah’s style, which was tomboy, but sexy; and I think that’s what makes her very special in my eyes.

Each song on the EP is catchy, old school vibes, and is an awesome introduction to the new R&B diva.

Throughout Direction, you hear production from Ayo Keyz, Super Mario and Go Grizzly. The old school vibes also come from the sound, and an interpolation of 1997 R&B hit, “Too Close by Next.”

Check out Ayanis and let me know what you think!

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