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Here in dreary little Michigan, there is a live, virtual festival happening to support artists. Created and organized by the Michigan Music Alliance, this fundraising effort will give all resulting proceeds to the Michigan Artist Relief Fund! According to an interview of the director of the Michigan Music Alliance on Woodtv, continuous music is available every hour.

The virtual streaming scene could open a new, more positive chapter in this quarantine. In fact, NPR has a whole list of virtual concerts to tune into during the global shutdown. I know we have Spotify and all our saved music, but artists need support now more than ever. Concert cancellations have hurt them just as much as they have hurt us (If not more!).


This avenue won’t work for everything, as Ultra’s attempt to go online didn’t seem to pay off. Fans were not pleased with their favorite Miami EDM festival going indoors and on-screen (not the visuals they were hoping for, I guess). But that shouldn’t discourage us, keep an open mind!

Tune in for Michigan’s virtual music festival today!

Although it started already, and the music has been flowing all weekend, we still have one more day! Check out this list of artists that will be jamming via webcam for a sunny boost to this exceedingly gloomy Sunday.

Here is the link to donate!

For even more info on virtual events in Michigan this week, check out this article on mLive!

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