My First Excision Concert in Two Words: Astonishing and Electrifying

Friday, February 8, 2019, I experienced a performance like never before.

It’s certain that I wasn’t fully aware of what the hype was all about, until I had consumed the genius escapade myself.

In a way, I’m gutted that it took me until now to see such a miraculous and visionary show. Jeff Abel, or who’s alias we know best as Excision, has taken my appreciation for the world of dubstep to an entirely different level.

Going into the concert, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Friends of mine who have seen his work before, have praised to me endlessly what a mastermind he is. However, I hadn’t taken the opportunity to experience it first-handedly, until now.

It was a last minute decision, as the concert line-up had only popped up on my Instagram timeline a week prior. What struck me, and ultimately convinced me to go, was the capitalized “SPECIAL GUEST” on the advertisement, with the name “Slander” right beneath. Prepared and mostly excited to see Slander, little did I know he was only the calm before the storm.

I’ve never before seen anything quite as mesmerizing as Excision’s set. As much as I love heavy beats and intense bass-drops, I typically steer towards the more subtle side of EDM, listening daily to artists like ODESZA and Petit Biscuit. Up until Friday, ODESZA’s shows have continually ranked my #1 spot for favorite performances. The lightwork and visuals that they include during their sets were always a vital part of what put them far beyond other performers. Yet, undeniably, nothing can compare to the opticals and illuminations I witnessed at Excision.

From hostile robot-dinosaurs, to infinite hypnotizing loops of colors, Excision generated the ultimate EDM illusion through cinematic-like pictures. Effortlessly acquainted with every beat and every drop, the visuals exceedingly determined the overall output and significance of the show. I had never seen so many laser-like lights and artistically-crafted visuals displayed in one simple arena. All of that with the addition of untamable sounds, made for one heck of a show, and one enchanting adventure.

Without  a doubt, my favorite part of it all was the atmosphere and the endless amount of positive vibes. Everyone there had incredibly contagious energy, and the bonds I made with people are ones that only a rave-like environment could spark, and ones that will be indulged undyingly.

If there was anything I could say to the man behind the madness, it would be thank you, and of course a “see you soon.” I hope every EDM admirer has the chance to at least once in their lifetime experience this out-of-this-world phenomenon. And maybe, if you do, you’ll be like me, already seeking to book tickets for the next nearing show.

Thank you X!

Original photos from the show, taken and edited by me:


Avid concert goer and rave fanatic. Currently pursuing a Journalism & Mass Communications degree at Des Moines Area Community College. My passion for music, writing, and traveling has lead me here, to share my thoughts and experiences within the world of bass drops and epic sounds. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to go out and spread some peace, love and unity ~

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