This Wednesday, April 21st, on the 10 year anniversary of Innerspeaker, Kevin Parker is hosting a livestream performance of the entire album. This was Tame Impala’s debut album, and certainly deserves to be celebrated. This is one instance where pandemic guidelines for live music aren’t dampening the impact or setting of a performance– as the show will be accessible to all via this ticket link, and we will be able to transport ourselves to the legendary location of the album’s initial recording

“The band will perform the album from start to finish. Located four hours from their home-town of Perth and perched on the Indian Ocean, Wave House is the legendary studio where Kevin Parker recorded the album 10 years ago, and where the band will bring the album to life on April 21.” (source).

Here’s how to watch:

5:00 AM • EDT in Australia + New Zealand + Asia
1:00 PM • EDT in the UK + Europe + Africa
9:00 PM • EDT in North + South America

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