“When we all fall asleep, Where do we go?”

17-year old Billie Eilish just released her first album ‘When we all fall asleep, Where do we go?’ and she is ready to hand it to us to enjoy.

Eilish went to Instagram to share and ask her fans to take care of her album.

Billie Eilish took the music industry by storm when she released ‘Ocean Eyes,’ her first single. She caught the eye of many individuals and became a pop-star that we hadn’t seen before. She has gather over 15 million followers on Instagram and even recently sold out every show on her first headlining tour. Billie Eilish gave uniqueness, and definitely a whole lot of talent at such a young age. She could only continue to grow as an artist.

‘When we fall asleep, Where do we go?’ is a full-length album with a total of 14 tracks. She’s included pre-released tracks like ‘you should see me in a crown,’ and ‘when the party is over.’ Due to the release of her album, she released ‘bury a friend,’ and ‘wish you were gay,’ which were successful and a great indicator to what she was bringing to this album

The opening of the album is Billie welcoming you by saying “I have taken out my Invisalign and this is the album,” and it is followed by laughter. There are several moments like this throughout the album where she is laughing, giggling, or hums. At such a young age and a brutal industry she’s enjoying the process and the ride she is on. Those subtle things are a reminder of that.

She gained so much popularity due to her unique style of mixing genres such as EDM, Pop, and Trap. The infusion of mixing beats from these styles has gave her a unique sound that is distinct. In addition to her breathy angelic vocals, the style that she has created fit so well together that it’s mesmerzing.

The album itself is a venture to Eilish’s mind. She has spoken in several interviews that much of the songs are inspired by her night terrors and lucid dreams. With ‘bury a friend’ being her first single out the grim and eerie sense of a dream is definitely present and carries out throughout the album in songs like “you should see me in a crown.’

Eilish also has several more upbeat pop-infused songs like ‘bad-guy’ and ‘my strange addiction’. “bad-guy” has a pulse, bass-heavy pop beat that gets you moving. The lyrics that she sings are almost a taunt towards a lover and she questions her own tough nature. The interlude in this song slows down the whole song giving you a feeling of the whole different song that is playing.

In the slower moments of the album, Eilish really showcases her vocals. It definitely takes you back to her past releases like “Don’t smile at me” EP. The slowed down catchy beat with her incredibly great vocals.

The album ends with these slower moments. ‘Listen before I go’ is a piano ballad that has more somber lyrics. Eilish has been very open with discussing her struggle with depression and this song definitely speaks loudly on that theme.

After ‘listen before I go,‘i love you,’ and ‘goodbye,” are the last two songs. In an interview with PopBuzz, these songs were meant to spell the phrase, “listen before I go, I love you, goodbye”. The songs themselves are ballads one being more acoustic and having a male counterpart to had harmonies. “goodbye is a culmination of all the tracks which I thought was pretty cool. The song itself is Eilish giving a farewell to the listener summarizing the whole album.

Eilish has definitely stepped up to show her talent and what she is capable of creating. Along with her brother Finneas, they have written a good collection of songs. It’s exciting to see what else she will bring to the table in the future.

Stream her album on Spotify!


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