Hot Mulligan Drops: *Equip Sunglasses*

This past week, Lansing based pop-punk band released a new song called *Equip Sunglasses* which will be featured on the band’s second full-length album, “You’ll Be Fine.” Before the song became available on streaming services, the music video premiered through Billboard. The band showcases their mixture of two vocalists, Tades Sanville, and Chris Freeman, displaying a perfect example of how mixing two types of vocals creates something beautiful. 

The song opens with Tades’ powerful voice pulling listeners in,
“Head on a pike. Plain and vacant tonight. As you cry through the phone
Let the masses support. All the hate that you spit.”

Most people have dealt with a toxic person who may not always tell the truth and these lyrics resonate with those who have felt it. 

Then, the chorus is even more powerful, meaningful, and intense,
“It’s good to hate, isn’t it. Popping veins dissonance. Draw and quarter a stranger. To feel some blood on your fingers. You take away robbery. Follow trends as a hobby. Find flaws in everything else. Because you don’t like yourself. Woes me.” 

These lyrics once again feed into having someone in your life who may not have been good to you and put you in a hard spot. Another part of the song is when Chris Freeman begins doing backup vocals in response to Tades’ verses.

“Keep your head low.
Horror Show
Like Clockwork
Predictable, simple, then turn a gear.”

 In most of Hot Mulligan’s songs, Chris sings more, but this one is a bit of a change for the band which is always refreshing. Having them go back and forth adds depth to the song. 

The band dropped an accompanying music video that does not pertain to the lyrics but, is more of a fun music video, which reflects the tone of the song which is energetic and perfect to let loose to!

*Equip Sunglasses* is available now on all streaming services with a music video on Youtube. Go check it out and get prepared for “You’ll Be Fine” out on March 6!

Mickayla Whitt

Mickayla is a Chicago based writer who loves to read, write, travel and help others let their artistic talents be recognized.

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