Isolation Playlist!

In this eery, almost apocalyptic time of rampant disease and social distancing, we could all really use a good playlist to help us power through a foreseeable future of isolation. It sounds crazy saying it like that, but this is the state of the world.

Crack open a Corona… 

Now, Coronavirus is NOT funny, but if we are going to have to stay inside and focus all our energy on not touching our faces, some music is a necessity. Earlier this week in our little Red Roll group chat, someone stumbled upon this playlist and we couldn’t help but laugh.

I was originally just going to make a playlist of homework songs that would keep students semi-focused while tackling the transition to online school (I sure know I need one of those). However, after getting such a kick out of that other playlist, I decided I’d give it a little more thought. As a student myself, many of my friends are being forced to vacate their houses and apartments to return to their parents’ homes (something I will probably also have to do soon). This playlist will detail the stages of life or grief or whatever that will surely come with the national migration from campus to hometown.

And the reason for each song is…

Bye Bye Bye

Wave goodbye to all your friends, and hello to your parents!

Bad Day

Graduation ceremonies are cancelled, classes are online, and friends are moving back across the country. I think this song is self-explanatory.

Check Yes, Juliet

I just shamelessly love this song. It might make my day better.

So Sick

Okay, LOL

Cabin Fever

Hopefully you are suffering from this in the safety of your home, and not in a large, vacant, aesthetically pleasing hotel. Don’t get snowed in this quarantine season…or else (cue spooky music).

Since U Been Gone

This one speaks to those few days where you feel as if, maybe, you were better off without your roommate. The fridge is full, the dishes are done, and there is more than one real knife in the silverware drawer.

A Thousand Miles

Okay, you miss your friends again.

Need You Now

Now you miss them in a sad (and a little pathetic) kind of way. The stray booze in your house is completely sucked dry.

Kiss Me Thru The Phone

It’s getting weird.

I Just Had Sex

You’re lying to yourself. Hunker down for the longest drought of your life.


I know these are desperate times, but if an older person hits on you in a public place, do not go home with them. The elderly are more at risk of not recovering from Coronavirus. Do your part, wash your hands and say, “No sir!”

Don’t Stop Believin’

Nothing wrong with a little cliché hope. Hold onto that.

This Is Me

Nothing like a nostalgic “Camp Rock” song to show that you have finally accepted the situation. Please, sing along. No one will hear you.

Mallory Dwortz

UofM grad, loves reading, writing, and blurry pictures

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  1. Just what I needed to get me thorough these dark days! Will blast throughout house I’m sure mom will enjoy:)

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