Glass Animals Drop New Music & Official Album Release Date

Glass Animals dropped their new single “Dreamland,” midnight (local time) on Friday morning, and with it came the official tracklist and release date for the new album of the same name.

In typical Glass Animals fashion, the band has been teasing new material with hints like a cryptic emoji tracklist and a nostalgic interactive website, both of which generated plenty of speculation, but now we have word from the band themselves: the album will be released July 10th, and will contain a healthy seventeen tracks (including interlude skits).

The band released a music video to accompany the song, which frontman Dave Bayley recorded while in quarantine in his apartment, featuring a structure he constructed using materials he received by mail and instructions from Zoom. Check it out below.

PS. Joji’s new album is coming out the same day so, ya know… hopefully, dispensaries reopen soon.

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