This SLANDER and SVDDEN DEATH Collab Got “Blood On Me”

“Blood On Me”

This new single, from the duo that is SLANDER and solo artist SVDDEN DEATH, rocked the internet on Friday. SLANDER teased the release earlier this month, challenging Twitter followers to reach 5,000 retweets in exchange for a drop that makes fans’ mouths water.

Surprise surprise, the folks online delivered, and the tweet quickly reached that 5,000 RT goal.

The single delivers those heavy-hitting drops and ground-shaking beats that followers of these two artists so constantly crave. It has a continuous quality that allows you to accidentally let it play over and over. Like a mesmerizing video on a loop, the song’s beginning and end melt seamlessly into the middle. It has the energy and range to give you whiplash, whether you’re listening at home, jamming in the car, or wishing you were experiencing it live.


Said SLANDER on Twitter that night of the release, tagging their collaboration partner, SVDDEN DEATH, and hyping fans up for the “Blood On Me” drop at midnight.

And guys, listen to SVDDEN DEATH:

Listen to the full single, “Blood On Me” here!

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