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This week picked up rather quickly on news drops. First, it started off with Spring Awakening announcing their comeback next year for the ten year anniversary! The comments were very mixed on the announcement, many stating they were unsure of the location, doubted the virus would be gone by then, or complained about the price. With the bad comes the good, they did promise to refund if it falls through, and there were many excited people tagging their friends to the post. Only time will tell if festivals will be fully reinstated by April.

Spring Awakening’s Statement

“ANNOUNCEMENT: After so many cancellations in 2020, we’re making 2021 our biggest year yet. It’s also our 10TH ANNIVERSARY, so you better believe we’re making it count. First stop ✈️ Spring Awakening: Excursions…in Cancun 🇲🇽 This is an entirely unique #SAMF experience that takes the immersive music feel of SAMF and multiplies it over 5 DAYS/4 NIGHTS of ALL-INCLUSIVE music, parties, hotel, food, and drinks 🙌 Don’t worry, we’re still putting on the festival you know and love in Chicago. But why do Spring Awakening just once, when you can have the SAMF music, family, and fun TWICE – and supersized. Just $20 down to reserve. Packages start at $674 with concerts, hotel, parties, food and drinks all included. Monthly payment plans available. Register for early access. VERY LIMITED PACKAGES AVAILABLE!
Here 👉https://plln.io/SAMFfacebook
P.S. 100% refundable if the trip is canceled or rescheduled due to COVID-19, and you can’t attend the rescheduled date. See registration page for full details. #SAMFcancun#SAMFX#Pollenx

Spring Awakening on Facebook
Photo by: Michael Wyke

West’s Journey to The 21st Century

Another big story this week was Kanye West and his “21st-century” vision for future record deals.

This all started on Wednesday, Sept. 16, when West posted a series of tweets against his record label in regards to wanting ownership over his masters. The chaos unfolded and led West to post his contract page by page on Twitter.


Tweets made on September 16:

The first of many contractual pages posted on Twitter.

West’s goal gets a little blurred between the violations of the agreement, bible verses, gloating about his wealth and impact, and the public urinating of his Grammy, but it seems like the chaotic tweets are all meant to democratize entertainment contracts for everyone.


West seems to want more transparency of contracts and overall freedom for all artists, which would include ownership of their masters.

West posted his own set of recording and publishing deal guidelines in a spur of tweets. In the thread, his guidelines would make the artist the full owner of their music and would allow the record label/publisher to lease their work for a limited term. West’s second point suggested that labels are a “service provider” and should receive a small share of the profit for a limited time with an “80/20” share in favor of musicians. West then argued that musicians need to stop “re-signing” advances due to their 75% interest. He tweeted, “NO other business in the world takes a look at the business, buys shares, starts to profit when it profits. Record Companies have to buy into you, not loan you.”

West ended his set of tweets by calling the artist to unify and expressing that he wants freedom for all artists. Hopefully, West will encourage some positive change in the industry for all artists alike.


West’s Tweets on September 18-20:



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