Festivals 2021: New Dates and Registering to VOTE

America’s favorite music festivals are thinking long and hard about the future of large-concert-gatherings. Several have already rescheduled their 2021 dates, sticking to the fall months just in case. One massive California staple, Coachella, has already been rescheduled twice and may be looking at a third cancellation. It was first pushed from April to October, then again to April 2021, and Coachella fans still may not be in the clear. One Rolling Stone article ponders the possibility of this (hopefully final) date-change, stating that, “Multiple music-industry insiders now tell Rolling Stone that the 21st edition of the popular music festival will be pushed a third time, to October 2021.” This choice, however wise and responsible, does send a ripple of disappointment through the 2021 festival season.

Bonnaroo is following suit, postponing once again to September 2021, and adding to the ever-so-sparse live music calendar ahead of us. Maybe festivals like Electric Zoo NYC and Lost Lands have always been ahead of the curve. Will this mark the beginning of a new tradition? Will fall overtake summer as the prime festival season? How will yearly fall fests feel about spring/summer weekends slipping into their time of year– more the merrier or not-so-friendly competition?

We’ll see…

Several dates are set to remain in the spring and summer months. The Untz Festival and III Points Miami are grasping onto their June and April weekends, respectively, giving us hope for some live music next summer.

And in the meantime…

Festivals are working hard to get attendees involved in our democracy, encouraging fans to register to VOTE in the hopes of winning tickets/other prizes. Now, this truly is some friendly competition that also works to better our world. Music has always had the power to bring people together, lifting voices and strengthening those who join in and/or listen.


Join in the HeadCount charge (if you’re old enough, of course), and register to vote! Use your voice to support your favorite festival, enter to win 2021 passes, and exercise your right.

Mallory Dwortz

UofM grad, loves reading, writing, and blurry pictures

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