Look Out… Katya Is Dropping an EP

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Popular drag queen, comedian, and all around creative artist, Katya Zamolodchikova, recently announced a new project in the works. While best known for appearances (and specifically lip-syncing) on RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, she’s stepping away from the pre-written lyrics and taking that signature showmanship to the world of sound. What sounds exactly? I’m not yet sure. We’ll have to wait until November 13th to hear what she’s been cooking up on “Vampire Fitness.”

Trixie Mattel, another Drag Race superstar and co-anchor of the World of Wonder YouTube series “UNHhhh, chimed in after the announcement, teasing fans with her take on Katya’s “musical from my mouth to your ears!”

“I’m Very excited to announce that I’m releasing an EP of music very soon! You can presave it now! Please do that! I will be giving away prizes once we hit a certain number of presales!”

By the way, if you haven’t watched “UNHhhh,” you need to give it a look! It never disappoints. Trixie and Katya consistently bring their own flavor of humor, and a slew of signature special effects to coax a smile out of everyone from my little brother to one unwitting English professor.

Remember, November 13th!

Mallory Dwortz
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