Rezz Remixes “Violence,” in “Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition)”

Rezz and Grimes pay tribute to i_o’s legacy in this latest remix.

Before his sudden (and recent) death, DJ and producer i_o collaborated with Grimes to create “Violence,” an airy and eerie addition to the interplanetary sound brought to life on her album, Miss Anthropocene.

“‘Violence’ is about the goddess of gaming” she mentions in an interview featured on Pitchfork, “I feel like this Ready Player One future is where we’re headed, so why not start now?” she says, in regards to the futuristic look/feel of the album. There is certainly a space-age feel to the work represented, especially in terms of the related music videos.

Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition), Featuring a Remix from Rezz!

The entire album has been re-released as a compilation of remixes tackled by different artists. Rezz, of course, stepped up to reimagine “Violence,” the track so full of i_o’s divine creativity gone too soon. As a dear friend of hers (and Grimes’), Garrett Lockhart’s death hit hard, sending her to social media, and the recording studio, to process the loss. Now, we have this darkly ethereal remix of Grimes’ and i_o’s “Violence” to commemorate and immortalize their friendship, artistry, and collaboration.

On social media, Grimes and Rezz sounded their pride and appreciation for this project, praising the endeavor and once again reminding the music community (and the world) of the departed DJ, Garrett Lockhart.


Listen here!

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