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It’s hard to deviate from your regular routine. Familiarity is comforting, but it keeps you from exploring new avenues, and in this case, potential new favorite artists. I’ve made it a personal goal to seek out newer artists as much as possible, and here are some of my recent favorites. These artists vary in genre, so keep an open mind while you scroll down and discover something new.

The Artists:

Life After Youth

Genre: Alternative

Recommended songs: “Murder Me,” “beetlejuice chill,” “Plastic (EP Version),” and “H8 myself.”

Haley Smalls
Image result for haley smalls

Genre: R&B

Recommended songs: “Body High,” “Saturn,” “Stupid,” “Holding On,” “Keeper,” and “Teen Spirit.”

Image result for medusa danny phantom
Album art for “Danny Phantom.”

Genre: alt-pop, dark pop.

Recommended songs: “Danny Phantom,” “Longlong,” and “Wings/Back.”

Ginette Claudette
Image result for ginette claudette

Genre: R&B

Recommended songs: “Guess Who,” “Love Me Back,” “Slow Up,” and “On To Something.”


Image result for xoxomyah

Genre: Pop

Recommended songs: “Spring Break,” “Princeton,” “Lippy,” “FMU,” and “Let Me Down Slowly.”

Lucy Loone

Image result for https://twitter.com/lucyloone

Genre: alt-pop/ rap

Recommended songs: “123,” “Chimney Chat,” “Lobotomy,” and “Lil Birdy.”


Image result for https://twitter.com/lucyloone
Cotton Tail & Lucy Loone

Genre: alt-pop

Recommended songs: “Princess Castle,” “Chimney Chat,” “Death Becomes Her,” and “Man Eater.

Tayla Parx

Image result for Tayla Parx
Album art for Tayla Parx’s “We Need To Talk.”

Genre: R&B/Pop

Recommended songs: “Sad,” “Dance Alone,” “System,” and “Runaway.”

Stream the recommended songs here:

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