Slow Magic Releases “Closer 2 U” Remixes While Collaborating With Fans/Artists

Slow Magic, the masked artist known for a dreamy and otherworldly sound, just dropped additional remixes of the spacey-sensation, “Closer 2 U.”

The Ukiyo remix premiered on February 12th, ultimately earning a spot on Manila Killa’s “Dusk Lights” Spotify playlist featuring some of Manila Killa’s current favorites. Ukiyo’s debut album also just came out last November of 2020, “It’s the best music I’ve ever made,” he Tweeted upon its release. I wonder how this new remix stacks up.

Two more remixes were released on Friday (February 26th). With Kays featured on one rendition, and Kenneth Takanami on the other, we as listeners get to hear some very contrasting sides of “Closer 2 U.” The first, remixed by Kays, is the result of an online remix contest posted on Audius Project back in 2020. Slow Magic took to Twitter to announce the winner before the official release of the song, highlighting just how close this competition was, and even throwing out some honorable mentions.

The Kays remix is a bit sharper than the Ukiyo version– positioning itself somewhere in between that dreamy quality Ukiyo brought to the song, and the upbeat, yet laid-back, energy of the original. Go give this song a listen, and support an artist whose talent and ingenuity outshined (what must have been) many other submissions, for a coveted spot on this February remix drop.

Kenneth Takanami’s rendition of “Closer 2 U” opens with the soft sounds of a forest– insects and a quiet breeze– with the music trickling in little by little. The listener is lulled into a serene musical landscape, floating effortlessly through the song. Now, we have a versatile array of remixes– some you want to stand and sway to– while others may send you sinking into the couch.

Remixes aren’t the only place for collaboration with Slow Magic…

The enigmatic electronic presence has also been welcoming artistic submissions for an upcoming music video. All you have to do is download the iconic mask image, and get creative! This is such a beautiful way to uplift and support artists– incorporating them into the realm and exposure of Slow Magic’s music and fanbase.

Listen to the “Closer 2 U” remixes here!

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