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Removing the Term ‘Urban’

by Eric Hendrix
The last couple of weeks have been interesting, to say the least. The murder of an African American named George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers has led to many protests and riots. Even though the world was already dealing with a unique situation due to Covid-19, a lot of people gave up “social-distancing” and put […]

Tyler, The Creator Surprises Fans with Two Hit Singles

by Maddy Ipema
Tyler, The Creator is back with two new singles, “Best Interest,” and “Group B,” which both dropped on December 23. Tyler The Creator is known to be an artist whose talents glisten in a full-length album, and his last project, “IGOR,” almost acted as a score that encapsulated heartbreak. For Tyler to come back so […]

Tyler, the Creator Redefines Artistic Boundaries with New Album: IGOR

by Daniel Friedland
The long awaited and highly anticipated IGOR finally dropped, drawing a rift between Tyler fans, with half of them mildly disappointed and the other half bewildered by Tyler’s creative dive into gritty emotion. With such a big divide, is Tyler, the Creator‘s new project really a step up from Flower Boy, or has he digressed […]