Tyler, The Creator Surprises Fans with Two Hit Singles

Tyler, The Creator is back with two new singles, “Best Interest,” and “Group B,” which both dropped on December 23. Tyler The Creator is known to be an artist whose talents glisten in a full-length album, and his last project, “IGOR,” almost acted as a score that encapsulated heartbreak.

For Tyler to come back so soon with two new singles after dropping an album is quite rare for his fans to receive.

Tyler took to Twitter to reveal to fans that “Best Interest” was supposed to be featured on his last album, “IGOR,” but remained unfinished. “Best Interest” gives off a playful, messy vibe and the eclectic sounds that Tyler was experimenting with on “IGOR” have an enormous presence on this track. The high-pitched vocals that dominate “IGOR” also take center stage on “Best Interest” – allowing for it to be loopy and yet incredibly dreamy.

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Tyler, The Creator is a genius at optimizing the ultimate paradox in his music – which in return only heightens his sense of individuality and his ability to distort scattered emotions into a sense of euphoria.

If you weren’t diving into the lyrics on “Best Interest,” then sonically it is the epitome of an ultimate, summer love ballad. However, lurking under the high-pitched vocals, an elevated synthesizer, and delicate keys – you may not know that this song is all about unrequited love and making sacrifices in relationships.

Tyler speaks on being the third party in a relationship. He exposes the complications and loss of self-love that arises. Tyler owns his ability to prioritize and love unconditionally, accepting that he will not get that same amount of devotion from the other person.

He sings in the chorus, “I’m a third-wheeler, I’m a side-better, I’m a homewrecker. I’ll keep your best interest.”

This is Tyler owning and accepting his role in relationships that he finds himself succumbed too. In Verse two, Tyler goes on to say that although he is comfortable in playing this role in relationships; he realizes this is not sustainable and ultimately toxic to him.

He raps, “I can play the side n**** role easy, but not for too long. I’m the side n****, I gotta sneak around and hide with you. I know my place, I’m the landlord. I’ll carry the weight ‘til my hands sore. We can’t keep doing this.”

Tyler dropped a video to go along with the track as well. He tweeted that the music video was quite an impromptu, organic process.

Tyler The Creator’s tweet from December 23, 2019

The iridescently blue sky and puffy white clouds set the perfect background for the mythical quality to this track. Single, “Group B” on the other hand, has no attachment to “IGOR.”

“Group B” is jam-packed with soul, as an old 70’s R&B sample wails in the background. Tyler is infamous for dropping singles that act as freestyles by providing a sense of effortlessness with the bars and cadence of his flow.

Tyler also doesn’t tweak his voice to a higher pitch on this track and embraces his lower-baritone voice. His deeper vocals and melodic flow only add a level of grunge and dynamic to the passionate vocals that dance around the moments of pauses in this track. Tyler keeps the lyrics and tone quite light, demonstrating his more silly and imaginative side that we saw back in his Odd Future days.

Tyler the Creator makes it clear with the release of these two new singles, back-to-back that he is versatile in his craft. He knows how to draw from all sides of himself in his music, embracing his inherent goofiness and tenderness simultaneously.

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