‘Metalocalypse’ Countdown Leads to Online Campaign

Since its cancellation by Adult Swim, there have been many calls for the return of the animated television show Metalocalypse to finish up its final season, but with no luck in bringing the show back. However, it seems that might be about to change.

A few weeks ago, a website called appeared. It showed a simple countdown timer, causing many to wonder if it marked the return of the show. Now that the countdown has finished, the website has revealed a sponsored campaign to bring the show back on air.

The show’s creator Brendon Small revealed via live at New York Comic Con that he has teamed up with Rocksmith to create “Metalocalypse Now,” which is designed to bring together the efforts of grassroots supporters within the metal community, record labels, comedians, and instrument brands in order to bring the series back to the fans.

Metalocalypse, to this day, has a ridiculously strong viewership,” Small said. “The show has become a part of the metal community and we want to give the fans an opportunity to demand what is rightfully theirs!”

Using social media and online petitions, the “Metalocalypse Now” campaign will show Adult Swim and Hulu, the show’s current streaming service, that viewers will turn out if the finale is created and aired. If you want to see the finale, tweet @hulu and @adultswim with the hashtag #metalocalypsenow, or sign a petition at

David Gagnon

Born in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, Dave has laid down his soul to the gods rock n' roll. He attended Columbia College Chicago as a major in Creative Writing. Some of his favorite things are heavy metal and pizza.

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