5 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Freaky Deaky

Music? Check. Costumes? Absolutely. The complete recipe for an amazing weekend? Freaky Deaky has this field covered. With pasts line-ups including Danny Brown, Crystal Castles, Bloody Beetroots, and Baauer, Freaky Deaky has the perfect Halloween artists every year to ensure your Fright Fest doesn’t include clichéd Elsa costumes in an overly cramped apartment. Here are five reasons to get excited for what Freaky Deaky has to offer.

1. Flying Lotus’ Last Album was Pretty Much Halloween Themed

Remember that little gem released last year called You’re Dead? Remember the 40 minute psychedelic music video streamed a day before the album hit iTunes- filled with dead bodies, flying eyeballs, and halfway through a manic drug crazed hook cutting through Flylo’s masterfully jazzy production? That’s right, Flying Lotus has the perfect album to celebrate Halloween, and his lights shows are always a spectacle to behold. Also, the Captain Murphy evil laugh.


2. The Opportunity to See Carnage

Carnage is a young new face within the EDM genre. Also worth noting, this man lives for his live shows. He once was arrested for playing a gig in Florida for too long. He essentially plays whatever he wants at his live shows, and his musically range seems to know no bounds. This early in his career, he already has collaborations with the likes of Future and Rick Ross. Expect his set to be absolutely wild. Plus, there couldn’t be a better artist name for a Halloween Festival than Carnage. Check out his single, I Like Tuh.


3. The Rappers

Joey Bad@$$, Action Bronson, 2Chains, and Vic Mensa all bring a variety of talent and diversity to the rapping cast of Freaky Deaky. Joey Bad@$$ brings solid wordplay with a style that would fit just as well mid 90’s as it does now (that’s a compliment). Action Bronson, like Joey, is from New York and carries that Big Apple swagger whenever he appears on track (Also, hilarious enough, Ghostface Killah mistook Action Bronson for himself on one of Bronson’s songs). Vic Mensa is a Chicago native and has a style similar to Chance, as they have been long time friends. 2Chains, of course, is the headliner and he knows how to put on a fantastic show. And then, there is Riff Raff.

4. The Experience of Pretty Lights

Here’s a scenario. Imagine yourself next to shockingly similar doppelganger of Jon Snow on your right and a zombie on your left. You’re near the front row of large stage, and everyone around you is smiling, chatting, and laughing. All of a sudden, the lights go dim and the crowd noises are slowly hushed to a dim murmur. The zombie on your left cannot stop twitching his leg, and you can feel the crowd’s anticipation building. Then, out of nowhere, a colorful thumping bass loop rockets from the stage, and drums roll over the beat like a stream. Lights flash everywhere while a trumpet blares with a mumbled female R&B voice beautifully crooning the color of my soul, the color of my soul!

5. Seriously, it’s Freaky Deaky

Can there be anything else said beside this? It’s a giant Halloween dance party where you can dress up as anything you want and listen to the best music around. The level of fun and excitement an experience like this brings is something you must see for yourself. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and why you should be excited for Freaky Deaky.


Hi, I'm Reid. I like to write and I like to listen, mostly to music but sometimes people too. I firmly believe I was prominent Jazz musician in a past life, and I also love electronic music and hip/hop.

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