2016 Festival Season Do’s and Don’ts

Well here we are, finding ourselves in a time where music has an impact again. Could we compare todays’ festivals to Woodstock? That is an argument all its own.

My friends and I at Red Roll, we are not here to argue, we are here to talk about festival season 2016. If you have attended music festivals for years now or if you’re a newbie to the scene, some ground rules need to be laid out. So here my fellow music dweebs I present to you a beneficial list of festie season dos and don’ts… here we go!

DO: Get yourself prepped for said event!

Source: VanillaJoy.com
(Source: VanillaJoy.com)

This step is probably most important, so this is where we shall start. Prepping yourself entails checking the weather for the 3-4 day event so you can dress properly, mull over the set times and stages to make sure you can organize your schedule to be flawless, and other things such as staying hydrated.

One thing us all experienced festie goers can tell you, is that buying water bottle after water bottle, at around five to six bucks a pop, is a waste of your money and it is better to just invest in a Camelbak. Most festivals are loaded with water refill stations so…BOOM instant three liters of free water right on your back with a nice succulent straw rather than a cheap water bottle that you aren’t even allowed to keep the cap to.

Another thing you might want to do is check your festival rules on the website. Once you’re in a festival, it is safe to say that anything pretty much goes, but getting in is where you’ll need to do research. Some festivals don’t allow backpacks while others do, same goes for a lot of items such as hula-hoops, totems, gum, so check up on that to know what you can and cannot bring.

DON’T: Hang out at the Main Stage…

Camping At Main Stage (Source: FestivalForecast.com
Camping At Main Stage (Source: FestivalForecast.com)

Now, before you get any crazy thoughts, the main stage is great. It usually will have an amazing set up and the largest crowd, but hanging out at the main stage of a festival all day rather than for a few sets, will only allow you to hear majority of music and artists you already know.

When you venture off to a different stage with artist you have never heard of, you expose yourself to a further realm you did not even know existed. That is what a music festival is all about; new music and a fresh experience.


DO: Establish a “home”

Source: FestivalForecast.com
Okeechobee 2016 (Source: FestivalForecast.com)

If there is anything a music festival veteran would tell you, it would be to pick a “home base” for you and the squad. Cell phones do not work, this is inevitable. No matter if you have a rose gold iPhone 6s Plus or a cellular device using technology from the year 3013, your service will be non existent, won’t work, done, gone, goodbye.

What my friends and I do, is pick a spot to meet up at each stage, so if you do manage to get that one text sent, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

“Well how do we pick a good spot?” Whatever you do, make sure your groups spot is in the back. I usually pick a tree, or a merchandise tent. Never make your spot “front left bro” because if trying to find your group there, you’ll end up like your cell service: lost.

These meet-up spots are very helpful because if your phone dies and you lose your group, you know one of them is bound to show up there sooner or later.

DON’T: Be “that guy”

(Source: FestivalForecast.com)
Backwoods Drug Overdose (Source: FestivalForecast.com)

So, it’s about 3 hours in to a festival and you come across a person passed out with their friends no where to be found. Here is perfect example of two “guys” you don’t want to be.

Don’t be ‘that guy’ that passes out and most definitely don’t be ‘that guy’ to leave your friend behind. If you are too hot, too drunk, too anything, get yourself some water, shade, and a caring friend.

Also, you know those people that eat kandi bracelets like their Mother’s never made them a nice home cooked meal? Yeah, don’t be ‘that guy’. Or the guy/girl that feels the need to gyrate them self all over everyone. Just don’t!

If you see anyone doing something to make you feel uncomfortable, take a mental note to remind yourself never to be ‘that guy’.

DO: Get lost

Electric Forest Lost Totem (Source: thatdrop.com
Electric Forest Lost Totem (Source: thatdrop.com)

The best part of a festival, is that no one really cares. Once you pass security and enter those gates, it is an entirely different world than the harsh world we survive everyday.

Don’t be afraid to get lost and let go of all your worries. If you want to do the worm in the middle of the crowd, guarantee you will be cheered on.

You can really be yourself, and when you can do that, it is easy to get lost in the moment and that’s what music festivals are all about.




DON’T: Get disorganized

Getting your back pack disorganized is the start to a very quick downfall. Once you get disorganized, you lose everything.

Not to mention if you plan on drinking, it will just get worse. Your money goes first, then your phone, then your friends, then your life. Well, maybe not your life but it is really important to keep yourself organized because between drinking, trying to dance, and running around a field, keeping your stuff together is key.

DO: Keep calm in a turn of events

Pool Part at Mo-Pop 2015. Photo by: Ryan Blair- FestivalForecast.com
Pool Part at Mo-Pop 2015.
Photo by: Ryan Blair- FestivalForecast.com

This goes for anything that could turn your day south. Whether it’s your favorite stage getting closed down due to rain (which happens way to often to me), or your friend gets lost, or even if your sock keeps coming off inside your shoe… just relax and remember where you are.

If it starts to rain, follow our tips, or just say “who cares about my hair“? Your shoes? Get your group to a bumping stage with killer vibes and dance with the rain. You lose your friends? Well that’s what the home base is for homie, get to it. Every problem that presents itself will always have a simple solution. It’s a music fest, let’s not have meltdown.

Music festivals are an escape from reality, a three day get away. If you’re well prepared, you should have no trouble finding yourself surrounded by your friends sharing warm vibes and creating memories.

The most valuable piece of advice I can give is to just not care and have fun. Remember to laugh, dance, and be in the moment. One thing I always do at festivals: stay off my phone. I love photos and videos just as much as the next twenty something year old, but I love vivid memories better.

So with festival season coming up, make sure you prep yourself, or you’ll wreck yourself. Happy festie attendance!

Sydney Hartigan

Just a 20 year old who fears nothing, eats everything & embarks on adventures often. Stick around & listen to what I have to say.

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