Some Easter Content That May Make You Pee Your Pants

Today’s article is brought to you by my younger siblings. It will be short and sweet, and will hopefully make you smile while being trapped indoors 🙂

I know the music world is still turning, and you probably aren’t browsing Red Roll for info on Peter Cottontail, but like, come on… Easter music is hilarious. It’s a whole untapped world of festive songs that truly do not need to exist– old-timey voices and old-timey people singing about bunnies.

Whether you’re celebrating or not, these are good songs (along with You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch) to throw on the queue when you’re in the car with your friends. No one will see it coming (although at this point my friends do anticipate the Grinch from me).

Anyway, my little siblings made a playlist of old Easter tunes. There are only a few, and they have been playing nonstop (please help).

Oh, and one other thing. We stumbled upon a gem– a jewel really– a true Springtime treasure. There, lurking in the depths of peaceful old YouTube, was the key to pure bliss. It had been there all along, waiting for us. And now… I share it with you. Please take a moment to watch this lengthy video depicting the claymation origins of the Easter Bunny. I knew there were Christmas specials, but this?! You will not be disappointed. There is trickery, intrigue, and law-breaking– everything you need for a lively Sunday afternoon.

And, if you don’t mind, may I suggest a drinking game? Take a shot every time you hear, “Gadzooks!”

This may be the goofiest thing I have ever seen.

Enjoy 😉


Mallory Dwortz

UofM grad, loves reading, writing, and blurry pictures

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