Bassnectar Fall Gathering

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – all four seasons are accompanied by varying elements and emotions.

For fans of Lorin Ashton, [Bassnectar], the seasons have been emotional and exciting with the announcement of four gatherings, which would take place over the course of 2018.

An announcement many Bassheads have waited for finally arrived.  The third seasonal gathering, Fall, will be held on September 29, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Franscisco, California.

The Fall Gathering was “unofficially” announced on Facebook by a lucky Basshead, during the Summer Gathering, who won two tickets for the remaining gatherings, after donating to a food drive held by Conscious Alliance.

Bassheads lineup to donate to Conscious Alliance.
Photo credit: Conscious Alliance

In the spirit of giving back, during the Summer Gathering, Bassnectar and Conscious Alliance teamed up to host a food drive.  In exchange for 20 non-perishable food items, or a suggested cash donation, the first 150 Bassheads who donated received a limited edition lunchbox – two of which held a special prize.

Donations supported the Pine Ridge and Standing Rock reservations.  The second seasonal gathering took place in Colorado and was the second-annual three-night Freestyle Sessions event.

Unofficial announcement of the Fall Gathering

Donte Taylor, 24, from Oceanside, CA., recalled his reaction after opening the limited edition lunchbox and seeing the pass. “The feeling of opening the lunchbox was complete bewilderment.  I never win anything.  Bassnectar and this whole community mean the world to me, so winning this guest pass was unbelievable!”.  Taylor has attended both the Spring and Summer gatherings and hopes to hear “Heads Up”.

Ashton tweeted on June 3 the Fall Gathering would be a “super special one”.  Sharing there are many amazing artists involved and, “we are all playing for free to raise money for our new charitable teamforce @BNteractive to inspire activism & education and to encourage #ENGAGEMENT”.


Bassnectar announces Fall Gathering and new charity, BNInteractive

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