Unearthed Audio Demonstrates Radiohead’s Elite Status

Not long ago, a soundcheck dated from 2006 was uploaded to YouTube that shows the legendary-art rock band, Radiohead testing out different sounds before recording what was most likely a track on the album, “In Rainbows.”


Most wouldn’t guess that a soundcheck could sound like a hipster rock anthem, but here we are.

It is well known that Radiohead will go down as one of the greatest bands of all time, having influenced music over the last couple decades, and most likely well into the future, even after they’ve hung up their guitars and synth boards.

Articulating exactly how this band could impact the next generation of revolutionary rockers has always been difficult, but perhaps this has become possible because of this audio.

Titled, “Come to Your Senses,” fans can hear the artists test out electric and acoustic guitars, banjos, and the usually synthesized sounds. What’s intriguing is that these tests sound just like those recognizably folk song, slash progressive rock ballads that is unmistakably Radiohead.

And it’s just a soundcheck.

Thom Yorke’s voice yodels and floats with hastily made up lyrics, occasionally whispering to his bandmates items like, “D minor!” to keep them in check, but otherwise sounds like it was designed for that recording studio. The switch from electric to acoustic feels seamless despite what was most likely a rushed transition, but sounds like something to be expected on any album of theirs.

Radiohead really can make anything sound like art.

It’s a cliched analysis to see from an indie music critic, but that doesn’t make it any less true. From the bonus tracks off the remastered, “OK Computer,” to this new audio, Radiohead continues to reaffirm their status as music royalty.


Hear the track with the link below:

Jesse Drake

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