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Weird Radar Review: So Icy Princess – Asian Doll

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I came across Asian Doll in the beginning of the summer, when Gucci Mane announced that he had signed her to his label, 1017 Records; which makes her first lady of 1017.

I kept seeing the story on every music site I’d check out, or I’d see a lot of her pictures on the explore page of Instagram, and I remember always thinking that her image is very interesting; then I’d find myself going to her Instagram and looking at her posts. I later decided to give her music a try. I downloaded her latest tape at the time, “Doll SZN,” and ever since listening to “Arm Froze,” I’ve been sold.

After checking out her video to her remix of Playboi Carti’s, “Lame N*ggaz,” and her video for Savage Barbie,” I began to see why she caught Gucci Mane’s eye. Asian Doll is a mixture of styles; she’s gangsta, sexy, unique, but she presents it in a way that makes her stand out physically and in the music. You can hear the potential in her previous work, and with Gucci signing her, I think it’s perfect! Asian Doll is able to hold her own and looks good while doing so!

Soon after signing to Gucci, Asian Doll announced in multiple interviews that she will be releasing a tape featuring Gucci, as well as discussing other artists that she’d be working with. In the beginning of October, Asian Doll posted a photo with herself, Gucci Mane and wife Keyshia Kaoir, with the caption “It’s Woptober ❄️ So Icy Princess Drops On 10-17.” 

“So Icy Princess” is Asian Doll‘s latest work, and I took my time to listen to her mixtape, which was released a month ago. After the release of the album, there were videos released for “First Off,” “Southside,” and “1017” featuring Gucci Mane and Yung Mal.

“So Icy Princess” has features from Gucci Mane, Lil Yachty, Dreezy, YBN Nahmir, Smooky MarGielaa, Go Yayo, as well as 1017 label mate, Yung Mal. Along with the dope features, there’s production done by Southside, BankRollGotit, Charlie Heat, Yung Lan, and many other producers. On the mixtape, Asian Doll starts out flaunting how icy she is on the “So Icy Princess Intro,” throughout the tape, you hear her flaunt her stuff, as well as spit edgy lyrics.

A few of my favorite tracks from the tape is, First Off, Facts (featuring Dreezy), Rich Guy, Running Man (featuring Smookie MarGielaa), and Check.

I see the growth from when Asian Doll first started, then signing to 1017, to noticing the vision that Gucci Mane sees. I think that there is a shift in female rappers occurring, and so far, I like all of the music I’m hearing. As far as that shift occurring in female rap, I think Asian Doll should be mentioned in the conversation.


Check out So Icy Princess, as well as the sexy artwork which was photographed by RoyalEyez below:

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