Chicago Nightlife Hits Snapchat


Chicagoans can now share their party photos and videos with IllinoisEDM, a live Snapchat story tailored specifically towards EDM music and parties. This fan made Snapchat account allows you to send in Snapchats to them, and if approved they will post it on their story for everyone to see.

This account features people from Illinois jamming out to their favorite music in their cars, in concerts, in their rooms, or anywhere they see fit. This also includes snaps of DJ’s, lasers, lights, shuffling, kandi, and everything that surrounds the rave and concert scene here in the Midwest.

IllinoisEDM points the Chicago party scene in the correct direction, allowing the users to unite under one common purpose and showing the positivity and fun that is around us.

Want to join the fun? Send in a friend request to IllinoisEDM on Snapchat and you will immediately be able to view the snaps that other users sent in. Then, after being accepted, you will be able to share your own experiences with everyone by simply sending your Snapchats directly to their account.IllinoisEDM Snapchat

Mark Reddington

Hi I'm Mark and I like music that makes your face melt off.

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