How Artists Are Helping

Celebrities, they’re just like us: outraged. Musicians across the country took to streets and social media last week to advocate action in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

For journalistic objectivity reasons, these are not suggestions.


Beyoncé posted a video explaining her outrage and urging followers to sign any of the petitions linked below. The petitions demand immediate prosecution of officers involved in the murder of George Floyd, more rigorous scrutiny of historically racist police departments, and sweeping police reform.

(You can also sign by texting “FLOYD” to 55156, according to Beyoncé’s post).


Noname shared a thread of bail funds in cities across the country. These organizations raise money to bail out people arrested at protests.

Minnesota: (note: MFF has reported that they are overwhelmed with donations and encourage people to donate to George Floyd’s family and other Black/BIPOC led organizations that aim to lift up communities and end police brutality).






Link to complete list:

Magic City Hippies also chimed in with a link that will automatically divide your donation evenly among 37 bail funds nationwide.


Killer Mike gave a speech on CBS News encouraging people to “plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize,” and “beat up prosecutors you don’t like at the voting booths.”

Speak Up

Numerous celebrity musicians also joined protests across the country. J. Cole, Lil Yachty, Nick Cannon, Chika, and Shawn Mendez were all spotted participating in protests. Singer song-writer, Tinashe, shared photos of herself, encouraging fans to “Show Up.”

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