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Noname’s New Track “RAINFOREST” Is an Ode to The Revolutionists

by Maddy Ipema
Rapper, poet, and abolitionist Noname has dropped a brand new track, “RAINFOREST.” The cover art for the single features a sketch of two black activists, protesting and levitating on top of the roof of a car. They stand defiantly, surrounded by a sea of black revolutionists as the city behind them erupts in flames of […]

Noname Is Officially Declared the New Vanguard in Single, “Song 33″

by Maddy Ipema
Let me make this clear, these are not diabolical diss tracks, but a mere dialogue that J Cole and Noname have unearthed within these two tracks that they have dropped, directed toward one another. Noname and J Cole are both incredibly influential artists – where both of their entire discographies represent and stand for justice, […]

How Artists Are Helping

by Jackson Red
Celebrities, they’re just like us: outraged. Musicians across the country took to streets and social media last week to advocate action in the wake of George Floyd’s death. For journalistic objectivity reasons, these are not suggestions. Sign Beyoncé posted a video explaining her outrage and urging followers to sign any of the petitions linked below. […]

Upcoming Albums to Look Forward to In 2020

by Darlene
With the new year comes plenty of great new albums to come. Many huge names have confirmed their upcoming album, or some sort of music release. Below are just the peak of some upcoming project for the beginning of the year. Some dates are still vague but there are some definite known releases to look […]

Noname Threatens to Stop Touring

by Darlene
Fatimah Nyeema Warner, known professionally as Noname, announced on Twitter she has plans of possibly retiring from touring. She shared her frustrations on Twitter with a string of tweets against the music industry. Of course this caused worried fans to respond and ask her about her tweets. Which in return caused Noname to clarify that […]