grandson looks back on how far he has come

Jordan Benjamin, who goes by grandson, is a Canadian-American musician, who in my opinion is best known for his politically charged lyrics. He goes into some heavy topics in his songs talking about depression, emotions, suffering, and politics. He was on the road in 2018, and he just released a mini-documentary recording his journey.

I discovered who grandson was this past summer. Casually scrolling through my recommended list on Apple Music and, “Blood // Water came on. I was, to say the least, very impressed with what I was listening to. Something so different to hear but still familiar, I was hooked! I decided to dive into more of his music and was not disappointed.

At this point, I hadn’t really discovered a new artist to listen to in quite some time. There were a few here and there, but grandson really caught my attention and I still get this electrified feeling when I listen to his music.

He sound is combined by hard-rock guitar, with a hint of trap influenced beats and this together makes something so intoxicating to listen to.

In the short documentary, he just released, grandson, briefly goes into depth about his lyrics, what he writes about and makes into music. He dives into the purpose behind why he creates and performs.  

“When I’m watching people, young people, especially stand up and want to be part of this thing. I feel like, all I am is a reflection of them, and watching their passion and sincerity has stuck with me and will stick with me forever.” grandson says in his documentary.

grandson shows this deep appreciation for his fans and this passion of wanting to perform for them and allowing them to have a voice. Seeing an artist have this passion for their craft and for their fans, is something that is truly unique, and special to see. As a fan of many groups and artists, having that connection with someone who you look up to or admire is a great feeling.

His music has definitely had a huge impact on many and it shows through the number of people at his shows. Whether the lyrics speak to you, or the beat itself, there is something to always enjoy when listening to his songs.

grandson finished 2018 with a bang, and I’m super stoked to see him live at Reggie’s in Chicago, March 12, and hear what new music he’ll be releasing! His first headline tour, No Apologies is set to start in February in Montreal.

Check out grandson’s tour dates here!


I am a student at UIC studying Communications and Music. Started singing and playing instruments when I was in high school and fell in love. I love going to concerts and talking to people about music.

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