Your Favorite Disaster – All Time Low

The Baltimore based band, All Time Low, released a new single, “Some Kind of Disaster” on January 20.

The song takes on ATL’s traditional sound yet moves forward from their previous album, The Last Young Renegade.

Before the release, the band tweeted a snippet of the song to generate hype.

The band has hinted about releasing a new album sometime this year, and the wording of their tweet seems a little long… Almost as if there are some hidden track titles in there. (Keeping Secrets? All for You?)

From their previous album, fans heard a more pop-inspired sound. With this new release, their sound is like coming home after a stressful day at work; it’s familiar and comfortable.

The lyrics even offer the usual relatable honesty that ATL songs tend to provide.

“Some Kind of Disaster” begins with lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Alex Gaskarth’s vocals leading you in:

I’m a liar, I’m a cynic
I’m a sinner, I’m a saint
I’m a loser, I’m a critic
I’m the ghost of my mistakes
And it’s all my fault that I’m still the one you want
What are you after?
Some kind of disaster, yeah

If we’re all honest with ourselves, we have all been a liar, cynic, sinner, saint, loser, and critic. And if you’re not honest with yourself, hearing this song and singing along provides a cathartic release– almost like a confession.

Slipping over the first verse and the chorus again, the second verse offers a hopeful tone:

I crashed down from a high that felt so real
I never knew how much it would hurt to feel
You gotta hurt sometimes to learn to heal
You gotta get back up and learn to deal

Compared to earlier albums from ATL, there hasn’t always been a pick-me-up verse. The growth and maturity of the band are demonstrated through these lines as they remind us that it’s okay to fall down, just remember to get back up.

Check out the music video and hear the song for yourself:

“Some Kind of Disaster” Music Video

All Time Low formed in 2003 and consists of four members: Alex Gaskarth is the lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jack Barakat plays lead and does back-up vocals. Zack Merrik plays bass and finally, Rian Dawson slays at the drums.

For more information about the band, check out their website.

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