Killer Mike and El-P to Release “Run the Jewels 4” for Free

Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels have recently announced that their new album, Run The Jewels 4, will be released for free.

The album is dated to release on June 6. El-P expressed the tone of the album at the beginning of his statement. “I don’t have sh*t left to say right now that me and my brother @Killer Mike don’t express on this album so I’m not saying sh*t anymore till then,” El-P wrote.

El-P explained that the album will encompass their joy, humor, and friendship but also the hardships of rage. He assured fans that they’ve got “bangers to help you lose yourself and smile and we got sh*t that comes from the deepest places in our hearts and when it drops on Friday it will not only be for sale but it will be made available for free for anyone who wants some music.”


EI-P wrapped up the post acknowledging that things are crazy right now but, he reminded his fans that he loves them and wishes everyone to be in safe spirits; and he hopes that his music can do something for those during these messed up times.

Killer Mike has been just as vocal. He posted a snippet of a single off the new album titled, RTJ4, where he discussed the brutality along with how quickly black death becomes a forgotten trend on Twitter.

He also recently appeared in the Atlanta Mayor Press Conference in hopes to reach out to those in Atlanta who are angered by the actions of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Killer Mike’s emotional speech regarding the protests.

Killer Mike encouraged people to be more involved in local elections and advocated for the system to be changed. “I’m mad as hell.. I woke up wanting to see the world burn yesterday, because I’m tired of seeing black men die.” Mike added that destruction is not the way. He referenced the peaceful demonstrations once done by Martin Luther King Jr. and pleaded for those listening to build their communities and to not destroy them.

“So that’s why children are burning it to the ground. They don’t know what else to do. And it is the responsibility of us to make this better right now. We don’t want to see one officer charged, we want to see four officers prosecuted and sentenced. We don’t want to see targets burning, we want to see the system that sets up for systemic racism burnt to the ground.”

Killer Mike


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