Joey Bada$$ Shines Effortlessly in His New EP “The Light Pack”

It’s been three long years in the dark without the beaming light of Pro Era MC Joey Bada$$. Bada$$ has not dropped new music since his second studio album, ALL- AMERIKKAN. He has always been a source of light – his energy like the sun, illuminating the injustice, hatred, and racism that plagues our nation.

ALL-AMERIKKAN, much like the rest of Bada$$’s discography, showcased him using his light to reveal the systematic racism that America is adorned in. However, “The Light Pack” has him switching up his tone, reflecting his need to regain the inner light inside himself in order to have it spread like a wildfire – to reach the rest of the world with open arms. 

Normally, Bada$$ uses the power of his light to start a dialogue about the darkness that is blinding our world. Feature Pusha T, couldn’t sum it up better when he raps in track, “No Explanation,” “I am the blacklight, my whole career off of crack right?” 

Although Pusha T is making a reference to the darker entities that he sheds light on his music, this is also a reference to Bada$$’s dedication to carrying the burdens of America on his back, then spitting them out onto a track. This can lead to a quick burnout, which is what Bada$$ is referring to in the same track when he raps, “been in my mind lately, so hard to find lately, harder to find.” His own inner flame was burned out by the energy and resilience it takes to constantly be a source of activism and revolution that he represents within his music.

“The Light Pack” highlights the process and journey of Bada$$ transitioning from being engulfed with the darkness of the outside world, to him being burrowed in the darkness of the inner world – trapped inside the confines of his mind, subconscious negative thoughts patterns running wild like a movie reel. 

“The Light Pack” also creates an image of Bada$$ emerging from his inner cave, carrying a torch of wisdom. The gems and diamonds beaming in his hand like proud trophies, that arose from periods spent in contemplation and isolation.

He is now wanting to use his re-gained inner light to spark up even more matches. Instead of using the bars to spit about the many shades of greys that the world is painted in right now – he is adding vibrant colors to unearth a glistening aura that he has cultivated within himself.


He matches light with more light – instilling a source of luminescence into each track. Bada$$ keeps the bars easy and breezy, with a strong focus on self-growth and healing. This is a massive transformation for Bada$$ – as he switches his perspective from the collective to the self. 

“The Light Pack” is only three tracks long, the beats doused with soul – piano keys, blues-inspired vocals lingering in the background. It’s refreshing to see this casual, playful side to Bada$$ with these three tracks.

Although he still comes in with that philosophical knowledge that he will always possess, rapping about the importance of self-worth and ascension. Bada$$ inserts in his discography a need for duality and balance with “The Light Pack.” In this project, he is balancing the scales of darkness and charging it with the light. Keep shining Bada$$ and stream, “The Light Pack.”

In the music video for the track, “The Light,” Bada$$ starts it with a profound message that I wish to end this article with.

It reads, “On June 16th 2020, I chose to partake in a traditional voodoo ceremony in search of my rebirth. My purpose with this visual is to inspire black people to realize their power and take it back, as I did. Don’t be afraid of who you are, that’s their job. We are magic.”

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