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This weekend, the music of Bonnaroo blasted from the dark bedrooms of angsty festival-goers across the globe. Yes, angsty– I know we’re not teenagers anymore, but 2020 has certainly been my most frustrating year (since high school, of course). The angst was eased a bit by a makeshift music festival lighting up my weekend.

The farm may be closed for now, but the internet is wide open!

From Thursday through Saturday, nearly ten hours of live stream footage played each night on the Bonnaroo YouTube channel. Now, I know we already talked about this virtual festival freaky fantastic fun (alliteration bomb!), but I wanted to include a recap– this way each day’s live stream can be linked here for anyone too lazy to find the playlist on YouTube (me, like next weekend probably). The whole thing was free, which was such a nice touch, especially right now. The playlist has since been set to private, but the fundraising and registering to vote doesn’t have to stop! Also, there are plenty of other gems on their YouTube channel. Personally, I plan to crack open some wine with my roommates, change the batteries in our light-up pumpkins, and turn our house into a Bonnaroo Halloween sensation.

Artists have also taken the liberty of uploading some of their Bonnaroo 2020 sets!

And don’t forget, it’s NOT all about us 🙂

Bonnaroo gave us the weekend for free, so click here to view/donate to the nonprofit organizations being supported this year. AND check out our previous Virtual ROO-Ality article to learn more.

Mallory Dwortz

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