5 Sets You Can’t Miss At North Coast Music Festival

Summer’s last stand takes place in Chicago as the North Coast Music Festival prepares to take place in Union Park, September 4-6. With a schedule jam-packed with great artists, here are five sets we really hope you don’t miss.

1) The Roots: the hip-hop soul band is gracing Chicago with their unique sound. If you aren’t familiar with the Roots already, you may recognize them from The Tonight Show, starring alongside Jimmy Fallon as the permanent musical accompaniment. With a jazzy approach to their music, you definitely don’t want to miss this legendary group. Unknown

2) RAC: formally known as Remix Artist Collective, artist Andre Allen Anjos has his own spin on remixes; rather than creating that “club” sound with thudding bass and rushed lyrics, he remixes the original track with instrumentals provided by the artists themselves, resulting in very pretty sounding tracks. Trust me, you won’t want to miss RAC. Unknown-1

3) Kill the Noise: Jake Stanczak is behind this dubstep set that’s one of the heavier, grimy acts at Gold Coast this year. With heavy hitting, upbeat synths and sounds, you’ll definitely want to see Kill the Noise if you’re looking for an all-around fun party that’s easy to lose yourself in. And as a bonus, he has a pretty entertaining Twitter account too: @killthenoise. Unknown-2

4) Porter Robinson: how many twenty-three year olds can say they were internationally known by the age of eighteen? Porter Robinson is one of them. At a young age he is already known as one of the best DJs of the era, and it’s easy to see why; his music is very melodic and fine-tuned while still maintaining a fun sound. You’ll be upset with yourself if you miss his set. Unknown-3

5) Portugal. The Man: the indie/prog rock band originally from Alaska promises an awesome set full of their beautiful sound. Managing to stand out in the crowded indie/prog genre, Portugal. The Man has a psychedelic element that helped secured their own sound—don’t miss your opportunity to see them. Unknown-4

Alexis Landis

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