Elvis Costello to Release New Album With Former Band The Imposters

New wave-era musician Elvis Costello is back with a couple new tracks and an album that’s planned to be released this October. The album is titled “Look Now,” and employs the help of his old back up band The Imposters.

It is Costello’s first album in over 5 years.

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Costello’s new album will feature 12 tracks, all written by him. Photo courtesy of

Costello was just on tour last year, playing songs off his now classic album Imperial Bedroom. According to, this tour inspired Costello to call up The Imposters for the first time in nearly 10 years and make another album “with the scope of Imperial Bedroom and some of the beauty and emotion of Painted From Memory.”

One of the new tracks, “Under Lime”, is available on Spotify and linked below.

It contains that familiar gravelly yet upbeat tone that marked the Costello of the 80’s, yet the lyrics seem like a ballad about the confliction between music and relationships. It honestly feels like a song written and recorded in Costello’s golden days that is just now being unearthed.

It’s also worth pointing out that Elvis Costello is planning on playing at Riot Fest in Chicago this year, so attendees and fans may be the first to hear fresh tracks from the legendary pub rocker.

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