“NOVA” is Finally Here!

Music has a way of resonating with people on a deeper level.

NOVA”, the new album by producer, RL Grime, features tracks which tell a story and may resonate with fans.

At midnight on July 27, RL Grime, dropped his first album in four years.

He did a fantastic job of building the hype within his fanbase, by dropping various songs from the album throughout the five months.

Right before St. Patrick’s Day, he surprised fans with the first song drop, “I Wanna Know (featuring Daya).”  This song features heartfelt vocals from Daya and a great buildup before each drop.

The hype stayed steady until the middle of June when he dropped “Undo (featuring Jeremih & Tory Lanez),” and the very next day, revealed the album tracklist.  “Undo” has a great beat which are matched by the sick rhymes from Jeremih and Tory Lanez.

Image Credit: RL Grime official Facebook page

Fans were stoked for the album release and shared their excitement by way of various social media platforms.

The middle of July brought a third song release with, “Pressure,” which was aptly named for the buildup before the drops. Two days before dropping the full album, RL Grime surprised fans one more time with the release of “Light Me Up (featuring Miguel and Julia Michaels).”  “Light Me Up” has both an uplifting tone and lyrics. The songs which dropped prior to the album release hinted, there may be something deeper going on with RL Grime while he wrote the album.

In a post on the producer’s official Facebook page, he shared his struggle with depression and anxiety, and what inspires him when writing music:

“I spent a lot of 2015-2017 depressed, anxious and unmotivated. The music I was making for NOVA reflected that; it felt melancholy, but still hopeful. This album was made during a period in my life of growing up and learning how to deal with sadness, and overwhelming stress. I wanted my music to emerge from that darkness, but not to abandon the feelings that had shaped the project in the first place. I wanted to take the sounds that before seemed to emanate from somewhere down below, and bring them up into the skies, and into space. I wanted to find that same sort of power in something light.. ethereal but, strong. I know that may sound abstract, but that’s how I can best describe it.

When I’m writing music, I lean heavily on visual inspirations. I like to visualize places and moments in my head and write music that I feel fits there. Throughout the process I had this vision of a “Nova”, or of a star that begins as nothing but then expands endlessly until its light is all you can see. My vision is for the music to feel like the birth of something new. To start from where VOID left off, but rise up and soar across the sky.

I don’t say this enough but, I truly would not be in this position where I’m able to create what I want to without the love and support from you guys. It is a constant motivator and reminder to keep going and continue to challenge myself. So thank you. I hope this album connects with you the way it connected with me.”


NOVA is available for purchase here.

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