Quinn XCII Releases “Panama” for the Passing of His Grandparents

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Mikael Temrowski, known to his fans as Quinn XCII, released what he calls “the most personal song [he’s] ever made.”

“Panama” was made over a year ago as an homage to his three grandparents who had passed. Following the passing of his grandmother Beverly, Temrowski released the emotional song on Wednesday, August 22. 

Temrowski says the song is for anyone you’ve ever lost. The song’s lyrics speak about feelings of love and loss, all laid gently over guitars and drum machine. The percussion holds back for most of the song so that the strings can create a vibe that’s softer than your basic beat. “Panama” pays tribute to lost loved ones, (or lost loves?), without getting bogged down in sadness. It’s the musical equivalent of that family member who knew exactly how to comfort you when you lost someone close to you. 


Temrowski sings,

“Cause you were always there / / Yeah you were always there.

It’s breaking my body down slow / / I never told you to up and go

But I still know you’re there / / Yeah I still know you’re there.”


A lot of times in electronic pop songs, emotion gets buried in beats or catchy choruses. As a final farewell to Nana Beverly and a reminder that this song packs some real feeling, “Panama” ends with a brief, heartfelt voicemail from the lady herself. Ms. Temrowski calls to wish “Mike” a happy birthday, assuring him he doesn’t have to call back because “I know you’re busy.” It’s a great reminder to cherish the little things like voicemails and birthday wishes while we have them.

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Turning the melancholy of family passing away into music that others can rally around is a beautiful thing. Creating and sharing art can be a powerful support system when dealing with the loss of a loved one. On SoundCloud, Quinn ends his message with the following:

“Until we meet again. Your loving grandson, Mike”


To everyone who is dealing with the passing of a loved one, may you find comfort in friends, art, food, family, and the music you love.



Listen to “Panama” by Quinn XCII



What are some songs that have helped you through tough times? Share your songs, albums, artists with us in the comments below. 

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