Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus Release “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson on Thursday released a new single called “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.”

The song is the first single from Ronson’s upcoming solo record; his first since 2015’s Uptown Special. In a recent BBC interview, the prolific producer described the album as one filled with “sad bangers” that will be equal parts dance floor hits and heartbreaking stories.

“Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” is a dramatic country-tinged tale of strength. In the music video, Cyrus speeds down a highway, tailed by police cars, sirens blaring. While her car swerves and crashes, glass shards flying around her, Cyrus sings;

“This world can hurt you
It cuts you deep and leaves a scar
Things fall apart, but nothing breaks like a heart.” 

In a change of pace for Ronson, the as-yet-untitled album seeks to put lyrics and feelings first, beats second. After going through a divorce from actress and model Joséphine de La Baume, Ronson created the album as a way to channel the feelings brought on by the experience.

“I’m not saying that the bad stuff was worth it but [the music] was definitely a positive by-product of that,” Ronson said of the divorce.

Several up and coming female artists will join Ronson on the project. Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li, and Arkansas Native Yebba are two examples. Ronson says that he chose artists less for their musical style, and more for the emotion they would bring to the album. 

New York vocalist, King Princess will also be featured on at least one track. She is the first artist to sign to Ronson’s own label Zelig.


“…they were all like-minded people, or people who were going through some traumatic personal stuff,” says Ronson.

Cyrus and Ronson are scheduled to perform on the December 15th episode of Saturday Night Live.


Listen to “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” below:



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