Petit Biscuit Finds Touch With Reality in New Track, “Wide Awake”

Within a chaotic society merely encompassed by digital living, it can be challenging for us to experience and manifest the real world.

However, with all obstacles aside, finding our true nature allows us the opportunity to create to our fullest extents. Exploring beyond the boundaries of a mainstream reality opens the doors entirely to limitless inspiration, originality, and passion.

Indie-House/Electronic producer, Petit Biscuit, has made it his priority to defy the blurred line between reality and the digital world. His latest single, “Wide Awake,” embodies this distinction, with an effortless attempt to defy genres. In his Instagram post defining the track, he says,

“It encompasses an audacious blend of my world music and chill universe, that ends up completely broken up by bass music… Like a relentless battle between nature and digital.”

His journey to achieve this pursuit began nearly a month ago, with a spontaneous trip to Iceland. In his best interests, he put the world on pause and spent his time in an unseen country producing. He mentioned on another Instagram post as to why this aspiration to travel and create co-existingly prospered. He states,

“I realized that I’ve been travelling a lot without seeing anything except airports and venues. I wanted to be inspired by isolating myself and getting close to nature so I could really appreciate it for what it is.”

In that same post, he also confessed his plans to compose a new album. “Wide Awake” may be the gateway to his second album, and certainly an extraordinary start.

It’s not everyday that we come across artists who use the world around them as a platform for imagination. The raw and true aspects that nature offers are an art in their own. This process that Petit is relying on for his second album gives him the ultimate advantage- giving his listeners the characteristics of both delicate and jarring sounds.

Experience this beautiful balance for yourself, and maybe you as well, will be creatively impulsed to discover your true nature.


Avid concert goer and rave fanatic. Currently pursuing a Journalism & Mass Communications degree at Des Moines Area Community College. My passion for music, writing, and traveling has lead me here, to share my thoughts and experiences within the world of bass drops and epic sounds. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to go out and spread some peace, love and unity ~

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