Best Albums From The First Half Of 2019

We just finished up the month of June, which means we’re a little past the half way mark of 2019. Have you been catching up with the latest releases? If not, let’s catch you up to some great albums that might’ve slipped past your radar.


Chase Atlantic’s- “Phases”

Chase Atlantic, the alt-pop trio, returned with their much anticipated sophomore album, “Phases.” And with the second album drop, Chase Atlantic proved once again why they are rapidly getting social media attention. Chase Atlantic is unafraid of deviating from the typical generic “pop” sound. On the contrary, Chase Atlantic successfully and unapologetically integrates a mixture of dreamy vocals, hip-hop, electronica, rock, R&B and pop. The twelve tracked album is an easy listen and great for the summer road.

Ariana Grande- “Thank U, Next”

Ariana Grande’s sound is mostly positive, happy, and free-flowing and that’s really easy to vibe with. But Grande does have range, both vocally and lyrically. Despite Grande having a mostly “pop” sound, that doesn’t take away from her very soulful voice. “Thank U, Next” was antithesis of “Sweetener.” It showed her range and depth, lyrically. In “Thank U, Next” Grande confronts the negativity with no sugar coating. She is vulnerable and honest with her audience – breaking away from that stereotypical happy go-lucky pop sound she is often associated with. Songs such as “needy” and “imagine” capture that soulful vocal ability she’s known for having with the backing of a seamless blend of electro-pop, blissful ambiance and smooth spacious trap.  Grande shows depth, while also keeping her pop fans happy with more upbeat songs such as, “make up,” “7 rings,” and “bloodline.” 

Billie Eilish- “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

Billie Eilish’s album is a harmonious clashing of dance music, pop, rap and folk. Eilish’s edgy yet angst visuals only assist the album which reveals the various faucets of Eilish. Eilish is unafraid to be vulnerable with her fans and explore darker themes. The beautiful, the weird, and the self-aware all mesh beautifully as every song within the album flows into the next, despite experimenting with every song.

Lizzo- “Cuz I Love You”

Lizzo is probably the obvious breakout star with her positive message of self-love. The breakthrough album is full of “twerk-worthy bops” (such as Tempo) and fully empowering messages about embracing inner strength and becoming your own soulmate (Truth Hurts). Lizzo is known for expressing her feminist ideas while encompassing an R&B sound, jazz, the flute and gospel piano.


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