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Chase Atlantic, the alt-pop trio, returned with their much anticipated sophomore album, “Phases.”

With the album drop, Chase Atlantic proved once again why they are rapidly selling out tour dates. Chase Atlantic is unafraid of deviating from the typical generic “pop” sound. On the contrary, they successfully and unapologetically integrates a mixture of dreamy vocals, hip-hop, electronica, rock, R&B and pop.

“Phases” contains twelve tracks which explore a variety of “darker” toned subjects such as drug addiction, depression, isolation, and the personal struggle of mental health in the songs “Even though I’m depressed,” “I don’t like darkness,” and “Angels.” The emotional tone is carried by Mitchel Cave’s vocals and the band’s lyrics. Cave fully encompasses the emotion through every deep breathe he takes in between lyrics, emphasizing the tension, to his sultry voice.

But fret not, not every song is completely gloomy. Chase Atlantic’s “Her” and “Too Late” speak on lust, consumerism, one night stands and unrealized love, which is very reminiscent of their first album. Arguably these songs are the easiest to vibe with out of the album. The songs are rhythmically catchy and carry on a much lighter tone, a tone that is very present in today’s music.

The album is both heartbreaking and mesmerizing with its seamless hypnotic blend of electropop, blissful ambiance and vulnerable lyrics

If you like The Weeknd and The 1975 you would most definitely like Chase Atlantic. You can catch Chase Atlantic in Chicago on July 15th at 5:00 p.m. If this concert is anything like their last in Chicago it will be filled with high energy and an excellent performance on their behalf.

Check out “Phases” on Spotify.

Track List:

  • “INTRO”
  • “ANGELS”
  • “PHASES”
  • “HER”
  • “TOO LATE”


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