Overlooked Albums in 2019

There have been many great releases in 2019, but of course some got overlooked in the mist of the many other great releases.

Here is a list of albums and EPs ranging from mainstream artist to more independent artists.

Tinashe’s “Songs For You.” Released on November 21, 2019.

After splitting with RCA, Tinashe was able to fully express herself artistically. The album is a moody, r&b mix-tape. Its vulnerable and it opens the door, to her listeners, about the hardships of her relationship. There are plenty of ballads, but she also has her mix of “filler” hits. Regardless, every song is thoroughly enjoyable. It is unlike her previous work and it definitely deserved more recognition.

Ashnikko’s “Hi, it’s Me.”
Released on November 1, 2019.

If you haven’t heard her song “Stupid Boy” on TikTok you should do yourself the favor of checking her out. Keep in mind, Ashnikko is vulgar, in a comedic sense, and carefree.

Ashnikko’s EP, “Hi, It’s Me” focuses on her power as a working woman that prioritizes her career over measly distractions from a former love. Essentially, this album is a post break up anthem and a call for female empowerment in the most raw and unapologetic way. Her lyrics are comedically vulgar and they are accompanied with a hard bass, an up-beat tempo, and the sweet sounds of trap-pop .

Brooke Candy’s “Sexorism.” Released on October 25, 2019.

If Ashnikko (who is featured on this album) is too vulgar for you than you’d probably be better off avoiding Brooke Candy. Brooke Candy loves to talk about sex. Almost every song on the album is related to sex and promoting sex positivity. Her sound is very reminiscent of Azealia Banks, at times, with its 90’s bass and its upbeat house rhythm. Lyrically it is one dimensional but the album is made for the club. If you like to dance, or you need inspiration for the gym, this album is perfect for that setting.

Chase Atlantic’s “Don’t Try This.”
Released on January 25, 2019.

Chase Atlantic is unafraid of deviating from the typical generic “pop” sound. On the contrary, they successfully and unapologetically integrates a mixture of dreamy vocals, hip-hop, electronica, rock, R&B and pop. They creatively mesh all styles to create a great mixture of ballads and radio friendly hits.

Chase Atlantic released two albums in 2019, check out the review on “Phases” here.

Banks’ “III.”
Released on July 12, 2019.

Banks went off her three year hiatus with the drop of her third album titled, “III.” This album’s sound doesn’t deviate too much from her sound in “Goddess” but its matured and turned more personal. She is a perfect mixture of r&b and alternative music. She’s able to combine both sounds so effortlessly and create such a relaxing result.

“Every moody song in “III” expresses her story of self-love, growth, and the power within femininity.  Every song is experimental but they come together beautifully as an album to tell the story of her growth as a more self-loving woman.

The opening track,“Till Now” speaks of heartbreak and being caught up in a loveless relationship. Slowly, track by track, it progresses to Banks realizing she’s more deserving. In “Gimme,” she demands for more and progressively she realizes that she belongs to herself in the last track, “What About Love.”

Qveen Herby’s “7.”
Released on November 5, 2019.

7” is yet another skillfully meshed EP. Qveen Herby mixes pop tunes with a hard, trap sound and delivers a comedic lyrical style. A perfect example is the third track on the EP, “Cheap Talk.”


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