Indulge in These Music Videos While Stoned

On Jan. 1, 2020, Illinois house bill 1438 sprung into action causing a frenzy at Chicago dispensaries. In other words, recreational marijuana became officially legal on New Year’s Day 2020, allowing residents to legally blaze their way into the new decade.

To celebrate the legality of this favorite past time, here are seven music videos you should queue up when you’re stoned to the bone. Happy blazing, friends!

A$AP Rocky- “Babushka Boi”

A$AP Rocky and his gang of skewed criminals pay homage to 1930’s Americana cartoons with “cops and robbers” trippy-ness in “Babushka Boi,” directed by Nadia Lee Cohen. Featuring A$AP Ferg and Schoolboy Q, among others, the video takes the viewer on a bank heist, complete with the pig police chasing the deformed robbers all the way to jail. Do A$AP Rocky and his gang escape and live happily after? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

Wild Belle- “Mockingbird”

Looking for a budget friendly, tropical escape? Look no further than “Mockingbird,” directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz. Right from the beginning, the upbeat tempo makes the viewer want to dance and host their own tropical party in the Hollywood Hills. Wild Belle creates an inviting scene with a rainbow of outfits, dance circles, and motorcycles appearing out of nowhere. Allow your eyes to enjoy the view by stepping into this summertime scene. Winter, who?

FKA Twigs- “Cellophane”

This video, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang leaves you asking, “What the hell?” Setting the mood, FKA takes you to your own private show, where she flips and spins on her pole, allowing you to wonder, how many push-ups can this woman do? The video then pulls you under with FKA as she descends into an unknown world where she is covered in a red goo, making you feel just as vulnerable and naked. This is FKA’s world and we’re all just living in it.

Toro y Moi- “Rose Quartz”

An oldie, but a goodie, “Rose Quartz,” directed by Lauren Gregory, is full of fantastic textures and visuals making it hard to decipher what’s real and what isn’t. The dizzying movements and colors are a special treat we didn’t even know we needed. Dive into this video after eating those edibles—you won’t regret it.

Khruangbin- “Evan Finds The Third Room”

If you’re the type to toke up after a bad day, consider adding this video to your roster. Directed by Felix Heyes, Josh King, and Mi Tian, “Evan Finds The Third Room” follows the lady in green on an exciting journey in China where “she doesn’t need a hula hoop to have fun.” Tune in to this video to flip your frown upside down and find out exactly what the trippy concept of the third room is in the comments section.

Elton John- “Bennie and The Jets”

The Cut, supported by YouTube, invited artists to create new videos of some of Elton John’s famous hits—Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill created a masterpiece for “Bennie and The Jets.” This black and white video offers a series of trippy angles, illusions, and characters who could quite possibly be Bennie or The Jets. If you’re ready for a talent show of odd beings, look no further. Go on, enter the circus!

Lana Del Rey- “Norman F***ing Rockwell”

Only a few artists can create 14 minute videos and keep the attention of the audience the entire time. Lana Del Rey is one of those exceptions, with Norman F***ing Rockwell, directed by Chuck Grant. Lana takes us into a home video type of experience, yet with a few out of this world characters fluttering in and out of frame every so often. She combines the title track, “Bartender,” and “Happiness is a butterfly” into one phenomenal piece where you don’t know whether to cry or smile.


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