How to Fill Your Quarantine With Music

As weeks of quarantine progress to our avail, it’s easy to find yourself in bed, letting Netflix continue to play whatever show you’re binging for the fourth time. But, it’s important to try to keep sparking your creativity, whether it’s with a hobby or craft, an instrument or just being a music listener. 

Many musical creators have continued to churn out new sounds from the comforts of their own home studios. Several artists, including Rex Orange County, have used their platforms to perform virtual stripped-down concerts via Instagram Live. British alternative singer, Rex Orange County, performed a full-length one and a half hour-long show, now available to watch on YouTube.

Credits to @rexorangecounty on Instagram.

Singer-songwriter, John Legend, was joined by his wife, model and cooking influencer extraordinaire, Chrissy Teigen, who sat atop their piano for an almost hour-long in-home concert. Everyone’s favorite celebrity mom was serenaded as she wore a towel, drank wine, and requested her husband play the theme song to the reality TV show, “Vanderpump Rules.”

Speaking of recent live stripped-down concerts, NPR’s Tiny Desk Series has been steadily releasing more new additions, pre-recorded in their Washington D.C. offices before the pandemic struck. Recently, bigger names such as Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, and Megan Thee Stallion have done Tiny Desk shows, but the series has been producing concerts by artists of all genres for over a decade, and there are bound to be a few from your favorite artists. Some of my personal favorites are Jorja Smith, Mac Miller, Toro y Moi, The Cranberries, Phoebe Bridgers, Maggie Rogers, Rex Orange County and Tyler, the Creator. There are quite literally hundreds of installments, and there is no better time than now to watch them and discover new artists. Tiny Desk has even begun to invite artists to record their episodes from home, so new episodes will still be coming out, even throughout quarantine!

Another way to fill your free time with music is by making more playlists. Personally, I make monthly playlists of whatever music I am listening to at that time, but I also like to make playlists for different moods, genres, occasions, etc. But if you’re feeling lazy and want to listen to a pre-made playlist, three of my favorites that I’ve put together are as follows:

1. HannyRissy (y2k pop):

This is my playlist of my childhood throwback bops, this is great to listen to if you want to put yourself in a better mood and distract yourself from the Corona craze for an hour or two as you listen. This playlist has got everything from Britney Spears to Nicki Minaj to Lady Gaga, and it goes especially well with butterfly clips and Olsen Twin movies.

2. Emo

As its name would suggest, this playlist is quite literally on the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s for if you want to wallow in your sadness. Everyone’s favorite emotional songs are on here, from “Mystery of Love,” to “Call Me by Your Name,” to “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac and so much more. You’ll want a fresh box of tissues for this one.

3. Sleep

As the extremely bland title of this playlist would explain, this is my sleeping playlist. Since being quarantined for going on two weeks, my routine and sleep schedule have completely gone amiss.  If you’re one of the many people who, like me, needs music or podcasts to fall asleep, this one’s for you. It’s filled with calm folk songs by Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens. As far as podcasts go, my favorites are NPR’s This American Life and for all the fellow true crime fans, Crime Junkie.

This time has not been easy for any of us, but it is important to spend your time enveloped in your passions as much as possible. So with more time, (and soap) on our hands than ever before, now is the perfect time and opportunity to discover new music.

Marissa Bachrach

I am a recent grad from Indiana University Bloomington. My B.A. is in Journalism and with a specialization in strategic communications and public relations. I love music but my favorite genres are alternative, rap, and R&B.

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