Tool Returns with “Fear Inoculum”

It’s been a long-awaited return for the fans of the metal rock band Tool, but the wait is finally over. “Fear Inoculumdropped on Aug. 30 at midnight. The album can be streamed through Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. With ten songs on the album, it ranges around an hour and a half long of listening time.

With the release of their album, Tool also announced their North American tour on their official Twitter page. The tickets go on sale next Friday, Sept. 6, and can be purchased at this link: https://www.bandsintown.com/Tool

Fear Inoculum” kept true to what is most loved about Tool. Most of the songs on the album range between ten to fifteen minutes long. Almost every song goes through a range of complex but well managed drum beats, which are accompanied by the whisper-like melodies of Maynard James Keenan and driven home and juxtaposed by Adam Jones’ zig-zagging guitar licks. The only thing that the album lacked was the usual vocal flex that is done by Keenan. Don’t expect any of his usual screams on this album. This album is more “calming,” in the vocal aspect.

Fear Inoculum” is filled with songs that seem to shift away from some of the negativity of today’s world. The lyrics push their listeners to pull through the fear and accept that “We are born of one breath, one word.” We are all humans that need to practice more humanity, which could possibly explain the overall calmer demeanor of each song in the album.

Fear Inoculum” did not disappoint. The positive reaction to the album, especially for the self-titled track “Fear Inoculum“, proved that the fans were very excited for their return. Hopefully there will be no more decade long hiatuses for Tool or their fans.

Listen to “Fear Inoculum:”


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