Another Week of At-Home Music!

Last week we had several articles exploring the ways in which this quarantine is impacting artists and listeners worldwide. There have been live streams, fundraisers, and new music releases uploaded in an effort to create some form of “new normal” in a time of absolute chaos.

Every social media platform is being utilized right now to bring people together. This really draws attention to the possible positives of being constantly connected. It is astounding– the power of social media during this period of uncertainty and limited social interaction.

YouTube and Instagram live have been go-to’s for some, especially with the #StayHome movement. Using this tag, Rezz hosted a live stream recently that collected an overwhelming audience, placing her on the YouTube trending page.

It’s clear that live music can’t be deterred, as this live performance grew to 177 thousand views! Rezz took to Twitter to say thanks to everyone watching, and the comments underneath the live stream show a mountain of thank you’s from adoring fans. I hope artists keep pursuing live internet events like this, as they exert a positive impact on the artist, as well as everyone watching/listening.

P.S. she is releasing a new song today (4/8), so be sure to check it out!

Another plus for social media…

The popular music Twitter account, Pigeons & Planes took to their timeline with an extraordinary idea to uplift musicians and their audiences. Tweeting a link to a new Spotify playlist and instructions for contact, the account has been accepting messages from up-and-coming artists and adding their songs! From the looks of the replies, the response has been overwhelming and very heartwarming.

I’m sure it warrants a listen, or maybe you have some music of your own that you’d like to toss in the running. Overall, this is a fantastic example of a positive use of a platform. Using a massive follower count to bolster artists while in-person concerts are impossible is exactly what I’d hope to see from larger accounts like this.

Basically, social media has been making me smile lately. Artists are supporting each other, and their audiences through the use of live streams and collective efforts online. We should all keep a lookout for content building up artists, as well as tuning in when our current favorites throw down on YouTube or IG live.

And remember everyone, stay home!

Mallory Dwortz

UofM grad, loves reading, writing, and blurry pictures

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